We prepare the guitars for a hand-applied finish. Students may apply sealer coats if they opt for this finish method. Students will be instructed how to complete the finish at home with sufficient amounts of finish supplied.  An option to finish in the blonde is also available for those who wish to apply finish of their choice at a later date.

Optional Upgrades and Associated Costs

To Be Determined. Will there be upgrade offers for woods and hardware/electronics?

Tuition: $2,800* Deposit: $500 Course Length: 2 full weeks



In this class the students and teacher will hand build a guitar from start to finish.

The student will complete every step of the process after a demonstration from the teacher. Multiple techniques are offered, affording all learners with the opportunity to hand build their own custom electric guitar.

Need to add description of what they can build or are going to build.

Need photos of electric guitars

Standard Offering (option to upgrade)

To Be Determined

Need to add description of woods offered for standard builds.

Electric Guitar Course


*Tuition includes materials and soft shell case

Berkshire Stringed Instruments
School of Lutherie

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Need to add descriptions of what hardware and electronics are offered standard builds.